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In order to achieve full Digital Transformation, an organization must be focused and aligned on five key elements: 

  • VisionA vision statement should be audacious, motivational, and leave no doubt as to what the company intends to become
  • Organization - Every individual in every department of the company must understand the vision and feel accountable for contributing to its attainment. This requires appropriate organizational structure, culture, processes, skills, and incentives
  • Customer - All teams must understand their customer, embrace customer needs, and solve customer problems as the main driver to their work
  • Insight - The digital transformed organization has a culture and leadership style that relies on big data, advanced analytics and integrated systems of insight to continuously develop and test new insights
  • Technology - Digital Transformation requires the right understanding, implementation, and commitment to technology, but there’s a reason this is mentioned last. Technology on its own is not a silver bullet. Knowing how to leverage technology as a key differentiator

The Hub provides vocational training to achieve these key elements with the entire company’s team. The training courses can be provided online, at the enterprise premises or at the Hub premises.

The Hub’s “Find your suitable partner for Digital Transformation” service is supported by the platform ExploreInnoSpaces. Designed and based on a tested cooperation model called COMOD, the platform facilitates digital transformation by offering a virtual meeting point between labs and businesses.

The tool allows a company to select - by type of technology - the most suitable and closest digital service provider to undertake its digitalization and to implement its innovation strategies. Thus, demand and supply of SMEs and lnnovation Labs can easily match, leading to successful change.

21 SMEs have already benefited from the service; further details about these company cases are available here:

The Hub foresees an initial digital and innovation assessment of the enterprise. This one to one, 40-minute-long assessment, carried out by a business digital consultant allows to get an overview of the company’s digitalisation level, as well as of the elements to be further analysed to provide an adequate and successful strategy.

The assessment outcomes are followed by tailored actions (consultancy, vocational training, coaching, business planning, prototyping, R&D activities), to undertake innovative pathways and to engage an organisational change on the whole.    

Customised innovation strategies are then adopted and implemented to improve the organisation management, the market performances and the competitiveness of the involved company.

Hub supports small, medium and micro enterprises to achieve their innovation (as well as digitalisation) goals through specific funding opportunities available at regional, national or european level.

The business development plans and their investments in R&D can be funded (or co-funded) thanks to programmes such as the European Social Regional Fund, Interprofessional funds, Innovation specific calls at national or regional level, European cooperation programmes addressed to SMEs.

The Hub team and its experts will guide the company to the most suitable funding chance more suitable to endorse every single innovation step.

Ecipa Nordest Hub is continuously committed to awareness events and campaigns focused on the enhancement of digital innovation, to strengthen the competitiveness of Small and Medium as well as micro enterprises.

Through its workshops and seminars, the Hub has so far reached many companies from different sectors, such as:

  • agrifood
  • plant engineering
  • manufacturing 
  • mechanics and mechatronics

Involved companies enhanced their understanding of the added value of digitalisation for an exponential innovation growth and thus got involved in an upskilling process leading to change.