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ENERGY AUDIT AND EFFICIENCY -  Energy Management System - ECOLABEL - Self-declared environmental claims AND MANY OTHERS


ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System

Ecipa and its experienced partners can help your company certify to ISO 14001, the international standard that organizations use to improve environmental performance and to double-check they are fulfilling environmental-related obligations.

Given the rise of Green Public Procurement and the ever-increasing attention to sustainability issues shown by companies and consumers, becoming ISO 14001 certified is the right first step to make your business stand out to all potential clients.

Energy Audit

Through its subsidiary EnergyCNA, Ecipa helps your organization identify and quantify energy-saving opportunities by carrying out an Energy Audit.

Thanks to a systemic approach, we put down in writing your energy profile and we identify the best alternatives to reduce consumption and improve efficiency from a cost-benefit standpoint. If you’d like to finally evaluate your organization’s energy performance, an Energy Audit, conducted by EnergyCNA in compliance with European Standards, is exactly what you’re looking for.

ISO 50001 - Energy Management System

By providing a roadmap for the continuous improvement of energy performance, ISO 50001 has established itself internationally as the standard guiding organizations in the implementation of an Energy Management System (EMS).

Thanks to navigated consultants, Ecipa offers its expertise to help you certify to ISO 50001 and guarantee the presence of an Energy Manager, mandatory to maintain compliance with the standard. Implementing an EMS provides opportunities for economic savings and an important communication tool that your company can spend with public and private entities.

Energy Efficiency

Any intervention that successfully improves energy efficiency calls for skills and experience. It requires an energy audit to identify present and future energy needs, as well as a feasibility analysis on improvement opportunities.

Whether you are a private company or a public entity, EnergyCNA, as a certified ESCo, is capable to provide all the technical, commercial and financial services necessary to carry out an energy efficiency intervention, taking on the investment cost and the risks of non-realized savings while offering flexibility to accommodate your needs.

Ecolabel EU

The EU Ecolabel is the European Union environmental performance certification and labelling scheme, and it highlights products and services characterized by a reduced environmental impact during their life cycle. The EU Ecolabel allows consumers to recognize products and services that combine quality and sustainability, giving market exposure to companies’ environmental commitments. 

License to use the label can be requested by manufacturers, importers, service providers, wholesalers or retailers. Ecipa provides consultancy to those ready to put their products or services under the spotlight thanks to the EU Ecolabel scheme.

Self-declared environmental claims

A Self-declared environmental claim (also known as Type II environmental labelling) aims to inform the market about the environmental characteristics and performance of a given good. The standard, therefore, represents an effective mean to communicate the environmental impact of your products.

Contents, parameters and methods of communication of self-declared environmental claims are regulated by ISO 14021. Ecipa can help you draft and certify your own claim regarding one of your products to ensure clear communication of its environmental performance and give it the visibility it deserves.

EPD: Environmental Product Declaration

An EPD is a certified environmental declaration providing data on a product’s impact along its whole life cycle in accordance with ISO 14025. If you want to make your product stand out and capture the growing attention shown by companies and public administrations towards environmental issues, Ecipa collaborates with expert consultants that can help you draft an EPD and walk you through the certification process.

LCA and Carbon Footprint

If you wish to fully grasp the environmental footprint of your organization, your line of services or one of your products, Ecipa and its partners can help you by carrying out a complete life cycle analysis (LCA) or one limited to greenhouse gas emissions (Carbon Footprint).

By virtue of being an in-depth measurement of environmental impacts, an LCA is the best tool to identify critical areas and opportunities for improvement. It’s increasingly used to communicate commitment towards developing eco-conscious products, something crucial in a world where public and private actors are increasingly sensitive towards sustainability.

Circularity Projects

The new frontier of sustainability revolves around the adoption of a circular economy perspective, helping the environment while finding business opportunities and opening up markets yet to be explored.

If you want a head start against the competition, Ecipa can help you identify the right strategy to renew your business proposition and present your organization under a new greener light.

Waste management

Ecipa created EcoTraccia, an online waste-management platform offering a safe and practical cloud computing solution to administer load-unload registers and MUDs. By accessing the reserved area, you can check your company data history, manage contracts and services, and quickly fill out the load-unload register.

EcoTraccia offers constant upgrading, a news area keeping you up to date with sector-specific regulations, and online operators helping you navigate the platform.